If you’re reading this, you understand the importance of search engines to finding nearly anything on the face of the earth you would want to find.

But, as a PR professional, are you certain you are maximizing opportunities for your clients?

There are several PR blogs I try to read regularly.  There are so many people who know so much more about the world of social media that I try to be disiciplined to find the time to learn from them.  It isn’t easy. 

PR-Squared is one of those blogs.  It is written religiously by Todd Defren of Shift Communications.  Never met him.  Don’t know him.  But, he seems to have been doning this social media stuff for awhile (longer than me) and I think his brain-pan must be some multiple of mine.

Anyway, in his most recent post (“Google: Not Just For Your Grandma”) he reminds PR professionals of the importance of considering Google (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) when implementing media programs for our clients.  He reminds that just as we (and lots of people on the globe) use search engines almost without thinking, so do reporters.

Here’s an excerpt:

But don’t forget that there is yet another reason for PR pros to care about Google: journalists use it, too, for their research. 

And that doesn’t just mean, “they’ll Google your client” in researching a story.  It also means that whenever the reporter searches for terms related to your client, you want the client’s name/content to crop up frequently.  

Don’t forget that while you are doing PR for Client X, somebody else is doing PR for Client Z – their competitor.  Every now and then, despite your canny communications skills, Client Z’s agency is going to create an opportunity that you know nothing about.  (We’ve all gotten that call, eh?) … But if you’ve done your job right, every Google search on Client Z (and related terms) will also prominently expose content on good ol’ Client X.

So, this is really good advice for PR pros.  I also like the way Defren writes and I learn something almost everytime I read a post.  I hope you do as well.