PR is all about developing, building and strengthening the relationship between the product/service and its consumer, whether a person, a business or a community.

Social networks and their pervasiveness, speed and ability to personalize, are like performance-enhancing drugs for the practice of PR. 

In today’s NYT, an article by Brian Stelter explores how media companies are trying to make it easier to share links with friends, add comments to articles and extend users’ online identities.

Media companies are clearly figuring out how to develop deeper relationships with readers, listeners and viewers.  It reports how CNN will be connecting “The Forum,” its site for political expression, to Facebook enabling users to talk about the presidential debates and see what their friends are writing.

Fascinating stuff.  I’m happy to pass it on and encourage you to dig deeper and learn more about how social networks enable PR practitioners to enhance client relationships with people, businesses or communities. 

That’s precisely what we are doing.