Jim Stengel - Retiring P&G Global Marketing Officer

Jim Stengel - Retiring P&G Global Marketing Officer

One more short post about Jim Stengel, the retiring Global Marketing Officer from P&G. 

Jim spoke on Friday at the Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando.  This author did not attend, but read this post today by Karl Greenberg on MediaPost Publications Marketing Daily about Stengel’s speech. 

I thought I would share Jim Stengel’s “Five Lessons” as reported by Greenberg.  Here you go:

1. Put people at the center of all you do. 

2. Engage your heart and mind in everything you do.

3. Results.

4. Creativity is about solving problems.

5. Have a purpose.

We can all learn a lot from a guy whose been on point for a great company selling great brands with great success. 

In our previous post on Vr3, we shared some of Jim Stengel’s discussion with a group of agency executives in Cincinnati.  He talked about agility and value, with value being as much about “values-based” and “purposeful” as being about worth to a consumer.

My take-away:  having a purpose works for a company, for a brand, as much as for a person.  And, the purpose for a company can be about more than making money.