President-Elect Barack Obama in CHicago's Grant Park Tuesday evening

President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago at Grant Park

Dramatic history was written by American voters last evening.  President-Elect Barack Obama represents so many firsts.

In the context of this blog, with its focus on local, national and global trends that influence the communications profession, one merits particular mention.

Prez-Elect Obama is the world’s first new media U.S. President. 

No one may ever know how many tweets were twittered last night (just as interesting is that we now use words like “tweet” and “twitter” without giggling uncontrollably.)

The “Flat World” proclaimed by Tom Friedman in his 2005 best-seller became even flatter last evening as network, cable and online news broadcast live reactions from all corners of the globe. 

By 8 am Wednesday morning, 536 videos were posted on YouTube of President-Elect Obama in Grant Park last evening with thousands upon thousands of views.

That things have changed forever in U.S. Presidential campaigns is assured.  How big the change is an open question; another is how new media’s influence on the Obama campaign’s voter education and activation strategies and tactics will influence consumer and business strategic communications applications.

Consider just these few applications and let your mind wander a bit:

  • One Million Strong for Barack on Facebook has nearly 1 million members
  • (campaign Web site) enables visitors to join a local group, find an event, donate or blog.  It also lists, under the “Obama Everywhere” header, social media connections to: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Twitter, Eventful, LinkedIn, BlackPlanet, Faithbase, Eons, Glee, MiGente, MyBatanga, AsianAve and DNC PartyBuilder. (Phew!)
  • This article also talks about how the Obama campaign used embedded advertising in EA Sports video games to geotarget specific swing states (Colorado, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and others).
  • The Obama campaign even offered a specific application for the IPhone designed to enable campaign organization and information-sharing to maximize turnout and motivate volunteers.

There is so much to learn.  Applications will only be limited by imagination and creativity.

Before we begin learning, though, maybe we should take a few seconds in our quickly moving and very connected flat world to simply appreciate the history made last evening.