President-Elect Barack Obama

President-Elect Barack Obama

There are many who view the election of Senator Obama (now, President-Elect Obama) as the seminal event in a world changed for the better.

Well, maybe.  I believe history is a better judge of things this monumental.

As as professional communicator, I was excited to read a couple of fellow bloggers who have tried to capture their thoughts on this time of change.

In a recent blog post at Harvard Business review, Umair Haque, a strategist at the Havas Media Lab, proclaimed that, “Barack Obama is one of the most radical management innovators in the world today.”  Haque was clearly excited (posted on November 5, 2008), but he cleverly ties Obama’s election back to his “Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators.”  A fascinating and very intellectual read.

Max Kalehoff of Online Spin discusses Haque’s post and summarizes,

“I believe we’re entering an important period of business cleansing and rebalancing. There’s too much clutter, waste and distrust. Now, more than ever, it’s important to focus on fundamentals, especially deeper purpose. What is your business existence really all about? Value and meaning are not only longed for — they’re now necessary to compete and win in the marketplace.”

It is clear to me as a professional communicator that we are in the midst of great change.  From the optimism over the election of America’s new President, to Black Friday and the greed it represents, to radical Islamic extremism such as witnessed in Mumbai in the last 48 hours, many people are assessing the purpose in what they do.

Corporations are doing the same.  Companies are concluding that having a purpose is not only inherently good, but can be good for business … the elusive but important win/win.

From a strategic communications perspective, this is also very good.  Doing good requires the development, establishment and management of relationships.  Relationships are at the core of any value exchange, whether the purchase of a product or service or the donation of time or talent.

Strategic communications is all about relationships.

Coming from a person who tries to live for a purpose and full of purpose, I am encouraged that these times of optimism (the election of a new President) and extremism (greed and terror) can lead to a new realism full of meaning and purpose.

Post by Nick Vehr – 11.28.08