Here we are on the eve of the inauguration of a new President.  President-Elect Obama reflects change in so many ways.  I’ve posted before about one dramatic change he represents is the coming of age of new media.change-obama1

From the exciting and creative online strategies used in his campaign to the Blackberry he will soon relinquish, he is truly our first new media President.

So, what the heck does that mean for PR professionals and their clients?  Tough to tell, other than there is more mainstream discussion than ever before about the inclusion of social media strategies and tactics in integrated strategic communications programs. 

Is it because of the new Prez?  Maybe it was about to happen anyway.  Maybe progress has just intersected with change at the right time.  Who knows?  Who cares? Regardless, it is clear the the segment is maturing.

The result: communications professionals need to be on their game.  We have to admit that many of us are learning along with our clients.  If we are to survive, we also must work hard to be out ahead of them and provide solid advice, counsel and support. 

A recent post by Kevin Dugan on his Strategic Public Relations lauds a releatively new book by Pete Blackshaw, Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3000.  Both these guys are fellow Cincinnatians.  They’ve been posting and playing in this space for way, way longer than me and I learn everytime I am around either of them or read their blogs.

Dugan’s review and Blackshaw’s book reflect – at last to me –  that a more sophisticated yet practical understanding of social media is beginning to emerge.

Blackshaw’s most recent post he refers to social media as an “organizing principle” as much as a marketing strategy.  He also questions whether we may have all gone a bit too far in adopting every new app rather than focusing on or mastering what works best (my words, not his).  He confesses a desire to return to long form blogging from his short form tweeting.

When leading edge guys blog like this, I can only conclude that a developing, young and exciting medium is beginning to mature, beginning to settle in. 

Thank goodness.  Now, maybe I can catch up.

Post by Nick Vehr – 1.16.08