Read this interesting article in today’s New York Times (1.22.09 – p. B3), “Publisher Rethinks the Daily: It’s Free Andnewspapers Printed and Has Blogs All Over.” 

For professional communicators, The Printed Blog ( offers a peek into how print may survive in Chris Anderson’s “long tail” world. 

Free newspapers are not so new.  Imagine, though, a method of publishing with primarily blog content (user-generated so no overhead for reporters), commercial printers placed in the homes of distributors for the 11″x17″ format (greatly reduced printing and distribution costs) and advertising purchased online (no overhead for a sales force).

According to the article, cities like Chicago could have as many as 50 editions printed twice weekly.  Content providers (bloggers) can be local or national,vertical or horizontal, provocative or mainstream.  Readers decide.  Choice is broad.

It’s early and this may not catch on, but my anxiety over quality and accuracy of user-generated newspaper content is eased if most content is commentary.

Those folks who still love the feel of newsprint over a cup of java may get it both ways – the micro-content they crave with a side of ink stains on their fingertips.

Post by Nick Vehr – 1.22.09