Product recalls cause significant business disruptions (read: crisis communications).  Of course, the primary concern for most businesses is not just the disruption, but the harm that may be done to their “consumer” by whatever real or perceived product defect resulted in the recall.

fda-salmonellaHere’s the question posed by Pete Blackshaw on his ConsumerGenerate Media blog in the context of the FDA and the very current salmonella scare:

If you were in charge of digital or social media strategy for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amidst this Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak, what extra steps would you take to address consumer concerns and curiosity around the issue? 

It’s an awesome post and Pete shares ten steps that the FDA could take to increase consumer access to information and awareness of the seriousness of this event.  He’s also generally complimentary to the FDA for their Web site given that it is a government site.

Some good discussion in the comments as well on some extra steps.  Please take the time to read the post and some of the comments.  Communications professionals must read this post.  There is much to learn for all of us.

Post by Nick Vehr – 1.27.09