insightsWe launched this blog several months ago for the purpose of learning as a community of professional communicators.  We try to share relevant information, or perspectives of how communications plays a major role in big time things going on.  We look for feedback.

In addition, our company (Vehr Communications) writes and shares “INSIGHTS” on topics of interest in the strategic communications field.  In the last year, we published 10 different “INSIGHTS” on topics ranging from PR Measurement to Online Media Rooms to Place Branding.

Finally, we began publishing a monthly newsletter (March Forth) last March and also try to focus on timely topics.  This month’s edition (February) shows a little love.  We play off Valentine’s Day as an example of successful branding – it promises fulfilment (love) and usually delivers (unless he ends up in the dog house).

This is how we try to communicate, learn, share and, yes, raise awareness of our right as a company to be in this space.

Please excuse what may appear to be self-promotion.  The reason for the post is that we’d love to hear what you want to learn about.  We’d appreciate your feedback on the choices we are making.  Of course, suggestions are always welcome.

Post by Nick Vehr – 2.3.09