Check out this great post and case study by Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications on his PR Squared blog. 

A good read for strategic communications pros.

He offers a case study of how a social media release targeted to multiple bloggers provided great ROI for his company’s client – beta users from 5,000 to 200,000 in two weeks.

The client’s product “slydial” is cool.  It enables you to bypass a connection on a cell phone and go straight to voice mail.  Some folks still like voice mail over speaking directly to that special someone, texting or Twitter.

He offers five , pretty diverse highlights as examples of succesful blogger hits: TechCrunch (tech blog), Perez Hilton (gossip blog), U.S. News & World Report: Dave’s Download (business blog), GearCrave (guys’ gadget blog) and ShinyShiny (women’s tech blog).

Anyway, I am happy to pass this on as a great case study.

Also, I really like the cute little chicken on his masthead (see below).

Post by Nick Vehr – 2.4.09

Masthead for Todd Defren's PR Squared Blog - Cute Chicken

Masthead for Todd Defren's PR Squared Blog - Cute Chicken