Spending smart may be the best advice for any company in these economic times.  But, what does that mean when itdont-panic comes to strategic communications?

Check out this post (March 15) by Todd Defren on his blog, PR Squared.  He shares a .ppt presentation he recently delivered titled “Marketing in a Recession“.  It is worth reviewing.

He shares that, “Brands that increase (marketing) during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than in good economic times.” Harvard Business Publishing, March 3, 2008.

Another interesting claim is that, “For the FTE cost of one senior PR pro, agencies will give you 5! – strategists, tecticians, writers, etc.”

And, he shares this really good “DO” and “DON’T” list:

  • DO:
    • Listen
    • Blog
    • Hire a PR firm
    • Focus on SEO
    • Create & publish relevant content
    • Distribute content in places where buyers can be foun (trust good SEO to do the rest)
    • Measure
  • DON’T:
    • Advertise
    • Pay-per-click
    • Attend events (unless you’re a speaker)
    • Protect your fiefdom (outsource vs. hire)
    • And, Don’t Panic!

I like this blog.  I find it particularly relevant to PR and strategic communications professionals.  I encourage you to subscribe.

Post by Nick Vehr – 3.24.09