This “Did You Know” video on YouTube has been around for some time in different forms.  This is one of the latest versions which succeeds by simply sharing mind-blowing changes influenced by new technologies.

Opening Screen of "Did You KNow" on YouTube
Opening Screen of “Did You Know” on YouTube

It’s a bit long (4:56), but this is one of the shorter versions. 

There is no question that technological advancement has always influenced how people communicate; how they establish and manage relationships.  Just consider the changes in society from the invention of movable type, the telegraph, radio, the telephone, television, cable television, cell phones, Web 1.0, PDAs, Web 2.0, and, whatever Web 3.0 settles out as.

The point of the video is that the rate of change, influenced by technology, is what we all need to think about. 

If you realize, as the video shares, that today there are 31 billion searches on Google each month and in all of 2006 there were 2.7 billion, you get the point!

So, what does this mean for professional communicators?  PR has been forever changed.  We know that, but we’re not 100% sure what that means.  Anyone who says they are isn’t playing straight.

Marketing and branding have been influenced just as profoundly.  With the internet enabling micro-segmenting of audiences, messages and communications channels have multiplied.

It’s trite to say it’s the Wild West all over again.  It is a time, though, of rapid and uncertain change.

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Post by Nick Vehr – 3.30.09