seven deadly sinsJust wanted to share what I thought was some very insightful and creative guidance for professional communicators who worry on behalf of clients about their Web sites as platforms for communicating to achieve business objectives.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Site Design were shared by Seth Rosenblatt, VP of marketing for Autonomy Interwoven. 

PRIDE: Talking only about yourself/your company; putting the CEO’s picture on your home page;

GREED: Asking customers for so much information to register at your site that they decide it’s not worth their time;

ENVY: Wanting every gadget and feature your competitors have on their site;

WRATH: Making outrageous statements about your company or trying to frighten site visitors into working with you;

LUST:  Emphasizing flashy content over substance;

GLUTTONY: Stuffing too much content onto your home page and other site pages, making the site difficult to read and difficult to connect with emotionally; and,

SLOTH: Being lazy in how you test customer reaction and usage of your site.

Thanks to AMA for sharing these in the 5.15.09 edition of Marketing News.

Post by Nick Vehr – 5.9.09