brand americaPlace branding has always been something of interest to me and, I am certain, to many other professional communicators.

In essence, it is the application of practiced and proven product and service branding princples and techniques to places – cities, states, regions and countries.

If you realize that a brand is a promise, then the promise of a place must address very basic requirements for people and the businesses they lead. 

A place must enable a business to succeed, enable its employees to address their personal and family needs, enable its residents or visitors to find happiness and fulfillment.  Of course, there’s more.  It’s never that simple.

A friend, Ed Burghard, has started a new venture called the Brand America Project.  Ed is a marketing pro with serious credentials, not the least of which being recognized as one of the premier brand leaders within Procter & Gamble.  In recent years, he has lead the Ohio Business Development Corporation.

He describes the Brand America Project below:

“The Strengthening Brand America Project vision is to generate the insight needed by state level economic development professionals to make better data based decisions on both public policy improvement and infrastructure investment required to ensure the state is competitive for FDI (foreign direct investment). Helping states become even more competitive will help strengthen Brand America. The more investment worthy our states are, the more FDI will be attracted to our country; and, the easier it will be to regain share leadership of global FDI.”

Go to Ed’s site (The Burghard Group) to learn more about the project.  In the process, you’ll see plenty to learn even more about place branding.  Visit Ed on LinkedIn to see a community of discussion on place branding.

Post by Nick Vehr – 5.29.09