buffalo wingsI am breaking my rule about only using this blog for posts of interest to professional communicators, kind of.

I am leaving tomorrow on what I am naming (at least so far) the “2009 Comfort Food Tour”.  I, my 23-year old son and his buddy are heading out for 7-day roadtrip with one rule: no chain restaurants.

Dining choices will be heavily influenced by the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” picks and the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Throughs and Dives” stops.

Cities?  We’ll see, but the plan for now is Pittsburgh, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston (maybe), Buffalo, Cleveland and back home to Cincinnati. 

From Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo (original buffalo wings, duh!), our cultural eating tour should be an absolute blast.  Robert Pirsig (Zen) would be proud because it will be very spontaneous, by design.

I plan to tweet and facebook (maybe) my way through.  I will not be posting to this blog – wouldn’t want to miss a meal.  In addition to learning what makes 23-year old young men tick (kinda scarey) and having some great food experiences, this trip will give me a chance to really experiement with Twitter and Twitpics.

So, follow me (@nickv) and have some fun with us.  If you do, the big difference between you and us on this trip – we’ll be gaining all the weight!

Post by Nick Vehr – 8.15.09