cafe experienceHave been thinking a lot about integrated marketing communications lately and the real value it delivers for clients and the challenges it presents for professional communicators

A colleague (thanks, Laura!) shared this article this morning from  It’s title is, “Scale: The Importance of Cafe-Shaped Experiences.” 

The premise is clear – it is important to strive to personalize every brand interaction to enhance brand reputation and develop or strengthen the relationship that is at the core of the value exchange.

In essence, this is precisely what integrated marketing communications does.  Its goal is to ensure that every interaction with your brand, whether a consumer, a business or a service, reinforces why you re interacting in the first place. 

It doesn’t matter if the interaction is with Starbuck’s coffee or Tide detergent, or the supplier of 200 containers of building supplies or the architect designing a new R&D facility. 

What matters – and what leads to repeat interactions and value exchange – is the sincerity, honesty and consistency of each interaction that leads to trust, loyalty and a deepened relationship.

fast company logoThe article, in essence, touches on just the same thing.  It’s a good read and I hope you enjoy it.

Post by Nick Vehr – 8.28.09