twitter iconWhat I have lacked in being an early adopter of Twitter I have made up for with curiosity and intrigued. 

I have been looking for applications beyond the fascinating and highly popular personal social applications.  I tried my own immersion with more than 100 tweets over a 7-day personal vacation (2009 Comfort Food Tour).  But, that was clearly one of those personal social experiences.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, there is a fascinating article about how some entrepreneurs have tweeted their way through business crises of various sorts. 

Assuming those businesses had already developed a significant enough follower list that they could communicate direct through whatever crisis they were experiencing, this makes a ton of sense.  I get it.

METRO, Cincinnati’s bus system, opened a Twitter account and tweets route change and update information.  It was especially helpful in a snow storm last winter and you can easily imagine the benefit to a METRO rider/METRO Twitter follower waiting at a bus stop getting an update that their bus has been delayed or cancelled.  I get it.

It is still obvious to me, though, that Twitter is very much a “consumer” application with limited, or at least very specialized and selected, B2B opportunity.

Post by Nick Vehr – 9.15.09