mommy bloggerAn interesting post on Strategic Public Relations about marketer over-reliance on mommy bloggers.  Professional communicators – a must read.

Kevin Dugan reinforces what I have always felt – too much of anything is likely not the right choice for marketers.  Or, as he puts it:

“Mommy bloggers have become the Robitussin of marketing. Arm broken? Put some ‘tussin on it. New product? Do some mommy blog outreach.”  (You’ve got to watch this Chris Rock video excerpt!)

This blog concludes that, “the most potential lies somewhere in between paid and earned media.”  The potential refers to the opportunity to postively influence consumer behavior – choice. 

This applies to B2C or B2B programs.  The creative execution, tactics and channels may differ, the strategy does not.

Personally, I believe that earned media promises much greater potential than paid media because of its authenticity, but will admit that opportunities for earned media are more diluted than in the past.   

Of course, opportunities for paid media are challenged, as well.  As consumers segment across myriads of media options – cable v. network TV, print v. online, online v. more and more online, etc. – the need to be more creative follows.  The success of paid media can depend on its originality and integration within a broader program.

The growth in importance and influence of social media on the other hand is not the end to earned media – or good, old-fashioned media relations.  It’s just another rung on the earned media evolutionary ladder.

Enjoy the blog link.