two earsSomeone once said that having 2 ears and 1 mouth was the right ratio – we all need to listen more and talk less.

This, of course, is the key to good community relations – a critical component of any integrated, strategic, public relations strategy.

This blog post from William de Worde sums it up well:

“Public relations and community relations really work hand in hand, without one the other becomes much harder.  If you take the time to develop good relationships with your community – whoever that is – you may be able to do better public relations than any standard ‘PR Plan’ can come up with.”

From political candidates to ballot issue campaigns, from land-use plan development to major infrastructure repairs and improvements, from new capital projects to business incentive awards – good community relations can build new relationships, strengthen existing ones or repair ones that have been damaged.

Of course, community relations is more about listening (2 ears) than talking (1 mouth), if you are sincere about it.  Your target community deserves to be heard and you should listen.