jeanieFascinating column in today’s NYT written by blogger Choire Sicha, co-founder of regarding some new FTC regulations for online endorsements.

I don’t even know what the new regs are, but I loved this column!  Just read this line:

“That every consumer is now a retailer is capitalism’s ultimate and most logical evolution.  Regulating every last one of us in our tiny imaginary boardrooms (in my mind, mine is mahogany-paneled and has a Haagen-Dasz fountain) is as ludicrous as not skipping past the advertisements on one’s DVR.”

Creative, extremely well-written and, right on.

No libertarian, me, but a realist.  The article shares some somewhat satirical, or maybe real, examples of how impossible it would be to regulate a medium that is, almost by design, unregulatable (if that’s even a word).  It’s a must read.

Government is much too late, if they even had a role in the first place, to put this jeanie back in the bottle. 

I also can’t pass up the irony, or the ironic new reality, of a celebrity trend/fad blogger placing a column in the NYT which will undoubtedly spike his popularity in, you got it, the blogosphere.