See that guy?  He’s right over there with the coffee stain down his shirt.  That’s the most important guy in the room.

Why?  Because he has a smartphone and he’s reviewing your café… right now.

Consider all the things that you, the business owner, couldn’t possibly know about our coffee-stained friend:  he has more than 853 friends on Facebook; 1,231 followers on Twitter; he’s a top-rated reviewer on Urban Spoon; and, in the time it took his friend to go to the bathroom, he’s posted his review to all those sites.  You can only hope that coffee didn’t burn his tongue.

It’s a smartphone world out there – Blackberries, iPhones, Droids.  With an estimated 45 million users in the U.S. alone and an expected 80 million users by 2011, this is technology that your business can’t ignore.  Good communication with your employees and your customers is and has always been foundational, but the rise of mobile illustrates corresponds to the growing risk of negative interactions as well as the potential for positive experiences to have a ripple effect on your business.

Think about this.  Just a few days ago, mobile location-based application Foursquare hit its 40 millionth check-in.  Just five weeks prior, the company reported it had hit 22 million check-ins.   The mobile phenomena is growing and growing rapidly and you can’t afford to miss its opportunities.

Oh, and if you’re asking what the heck a check-in is, take a minute to read up on Foursquare and similar site Gowalla.

Posted by Katie Denis, Account Executive (@katiefoxdenis)
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