So we all have our little guilty pleasures that we are embarrassed to discuss with others. Mine just happens to be The Bachelorette/Bachelor franchise. Swallowing my embarrassment, I need to discuss the actions of one contestant from this past week’s episode.

In case you missed it, it was drama packed, and no, it didn’t occur with “the most dramatic rose ceremony yet.” It was uncovered that contestant Justin indeed had a girlfriend, a big “no no” in The Bachelorette world. While all the men were lounging in their hotel room, Bachelorette Ali entered and cornered Justin regarding these accusations. His response…he fled. There was no communication. He gathered his belongings and ran out the door. With Ali on his tail, he jumped bushes and leapt over fountains, all with a cast on his right foot. He looked ridiculous. Ali’s comment: “You’re going to regret this Justin.”  My interpretation… he’s not going to regret hurting Ali’s feelings or even coming on the show, but rather choices and behaviors during this “crisis.”

Why didn’t he have a speech in place? Did he not think he would be discovered? Why didn’t he know what to say or what to do when the inevitable occurred? Even worse, this is not the first instance of a coupled contestant. (Remember Wes from Bachelorette Jillian Harris’s season?)

Even from reality television, we can learn a few things about what and what not to do in the moment of a crisis. It is important to have a plan in place, even if there is no crisis on the horizon.  Knowing what to say and how to act in the heat of the moment will help your reputation in the long haul.

My comment? I hope Frank behaves more like a man and takes notes from Justin’s mistakes when he too allegedly reveals he has a girlfriend.

Posted by Amy Jones, Account Manager, 7.1.10

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