I’m a teacher working on my Master’s degree and happen to spend my summers as a marketing assistant. This means two things: first, I’m a busy girl. Second, when it comes to shopping, I’m looking for a deal (graduate school does not, despite many inquiries on my part, pay for itself). But as someone who spends her career investing in the future by educating children, I’d also like to know I’m investing my money in companies, brands and products that are making the world a better place. Finding a deal has to do with cost, sure, but also knowing my money is being used for good.

During the height of the Gulf Coast oil spill news coverage, P&G re-launched a cause marketing campaign to promote the role of Dawn dish soap to help preserve wildlife. Aside from the images of helplessly adorable animals being saved by the product (works every time), a bottle of Dawn dish soap with the image of an otter now sits beneath my sink for another reason. I saw a horrible environmental tragedy unfolding hundreds of miles away and wanted to help. Lack of time and funds truncated my immediate and emotionally-fueled decision to head down there and take care of things myself, but P&G’s campaign offered me that opportunity in a quick, easy and affordable way. By purchasing some Dawn dish soap I felt good and knew they were doing some good- isn’t that what cause marketing is all about?

Undoubtedly, P&G is good at social responsibility. As a teacher and a consumer, that’s important to me. Starbucks, Chipolte, and Whole Foods are places that are also doing a lot of good- and making a lot of MY money. In today’s busy world, I want to know companies care. I want to know they’re committed to making a difference and I want to know there are people behind my brands. I may not be able to head down to the coast and lend a hand, but I may have actually found a way to heal the world by shopping. And that is a very good thing.

Posted by Lindsay Vehr, Marketing Assistant, 7.7.10

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