vehr-tightMy name is Nick Vehr and I am the founder and owner of Vehr Communications, LLC. We’ve existed since 2007 and are a strategic communications firm located in Cincinnati (OH) providing PR services to a broad group of clients.

I have been involved in developing and providing strategic communications solutions and services for clients for nearly 3 decades. I’ve been an owner, equity partner and senior manager in for-profit firms. I’ve served as an elected official (Cincinnati City Council) and as an appointed public official (Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority). I’ve been a board chair, board member, president and vice president of various private and public non-profit organizations. Currently, I serve as chair of the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau.

At Vehr Communications, we use strategic communicaitons to develop, preserve and protect corporate and brand reputations, to build, maintain and strengthen relationships in order to deliver meaningful business results. Like all PR professionals, we realize that the Internet is changing how we do what we do. We also know that how we’ve always done it is just as important.

A little about me. I am a lifetime Cincinnatian. I attended the University of Notre Dame where, in addition to receivng two bachelor of arts degrees (English & Communications), I received an NCAA athletic scholarship to play football. I earned three varsity letters, was a member of the 1977 National Championship team and was selected to play in the College East/West Shrine All-Star Game.

This blog is intended as a resource, or as a thought-starter. I hope to share insights and experiences gained along the way and hope to spark some discussion or just challenge thought. In an industry centered on communication with one another, I think the line between learning and teaching is very, very thin.